Hunt the Deep Wilderness of Saskatchewan for Bear, Whitetail & Moose

Our Saskatchewan hunts take place from two different camps. Our main camp is comprised of multiple rooms, living room, dining area and is complete with all the amenities including multiple bathroom and showers and is located on the outskirts of Pierceland. Our Lake Camp is a luxurious log cabin nestled in the deep Saskatchewan wilderness on the bank of a huge lake. Our Lake Camp has all the amenities that our main camp has including TV. Our Lake Camp is run by a large generator and we even added boosters for internet and cell phone use. Our main camp is widely used for the Whitetail season, while the Lake Camp is used for Whitetail, Bear and Moose. You will be treated to some great food and hunting at either camp. Due to the obsticals in getting to our Lake Camp, we travel with Argo's, ATV's and tank track military vehicles. Our Camps produce awesome Black Bears with tremendous color phase. Our average Whitetails are between 140" to 150" with a few good 170"to 180" bucks taken every season. The area hosts a good Moose population as well. The Shiras Moose racks are normally smaller than it's Alaskan cousin, but it's not uncommon to see spreads over 55" and weights exceeding 1,000 pounds. Our Moose hunts include Black Bears making this hunt a favorite among members, but you better book in advance as we usually have a two year waiting list!


We offer Spring and Fall Black bear hunts. Our Saskatchewan camps have some of the finest Black Bear hunting you will find anywhere in the world. Combine your hunt with a full blooded Russian Boar and world class fishing and you have a trip you will never forget. Fish include Trout, Pike and Walleye. The Bear popluation has a great color phase from blonde and cinnamin to traditional black and brown. This camp is offers classic first class lodging, with all the comforts of home, including internet, great food and some of the finest guides available. If you are an adrenaline junkie, and you want to test your primal skills, you can hunt the vicious Russian Boar with cutters exceeding 6 inches in length that are sharper than a knife. Have one of these bruins coming at you is sure to get the heart pumping. Better shoot strait or be a fast runner to get out of harms way. If your looking for real deep woods wilderness experience, than this is the place. 

Spring Hunts: May 1st to June 10th

Fall Hunts: Oct 31st to Sept 12th

5-1/2 Day Hunt (1 Bear) $3,995

Russian Boar Trophy Fee $950.00

All hunts include accomodations, meals, license and Canadian GST/HST
sales tax. Meat processing and trophy transport is not included.



We hunt two great camps for trophy big bodied Whitetails. Our camps consistantly produce Pope & Young Bucks with an average of 140" to 150". Every season we harvest a few 170" to 180" Boone & Crocket bucks as well and you won't believe the massive body size on these deer! A 300lb plus buck is not uncommon in these parts. The bucks genetically grow huge in these parts with massive fat suppies to withstand the brutally cold winters. Hunt with the Bow, Rifle or Muzzle Loader as your average shot is under 40 yards. Our stand sights consist of ladder stands and heated ground blinds and are baited to get you up close and personal with your game. Arrive in Camp Sunday at 1pm and depart Saturday at noon.

Back Country Trophy Whitetail

November 1st to 31st

5-1/2 Day Hunt (1 Whitetail) $5,750

All hunts include accomodations, meals, license and Canadian GST/HST sales tax. Meat processing and trophy transport is not included.




This hunt is usually operated out of our wilderness Lake Camp. On this hunt you will be hunting the Canadian Shiras Moose. Most mature bulls are upwards of 1,000 pounds plus a sport antler spreads of over 50". On this hunt we combo in the black bear to make this hunt super exiting. You will be hunting Moose in the rut so be prepared to do lots of calling and covering lots of ground as we visit known areas the Moose call home.


Mid September Archery Moose & Black Bear Combo Hunt 

6 Day Hunt $7,995

10 Day Hunt $9,995 

Mid October Rifle Moose Hunt

6 Day Hunt $6,495

10 Day Hunt $8,495

All hunts include accomodations, meals, license and Canadian GST/HST

sales tax. Meat processing and trophy transport is not included.
All hunts require a 50% deposit to secure hunt and full payment within 45 day of departure.